The Power of Meaningful Conversation

In this fast changing world we often lack time to do what we really love as well as have meaningful conversations that enable us to make connections and deepen our relationships with other people. This is where #FreeIC comes in.

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On the occasion of Rotaract Week, between March 9–15, ERIC – Rotaract Europe and Rotaract Mediterranean planned to launch their first-ever joint initiative in collaboration with Free Intelligent Conversation (#FreeIC) to encourage Rotaractors around the world to engage in a peace-building activity that honours human touch and connects people coming from different backgrounds, sharing different points of view.

Sadly, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease, the campaign is postponed. You are still invited, though, to continue reading – learn more about #FreeIC and how the activity will be like once the world is healthy and smiling again.

It is not rocket science 🚀

#FreeIC serves as a great tool to foster human connections, facilitate dialogue and get you out of your comfort zone by engaging in conversations with strangers to learn something new. Meaningful conversation helps break down social barriers, challenges stereotypes and ultimately builds better, more interpersonally connected communities. Moreover, it promotes peace, which is one of the six areas of focus of Rotary.

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“Rotaract Mediterranean builds bridges between Africa, Middle East and Europe. Communication is key to achieve it and I’m sure #FreeIC is helping us to bring our diverse community closer together.”

Kick It Off

Since, at the moment, we must stay home and practice social distancing, you can do a fun social media campaign instead or use #FreeIC materials with people you are in isolation with. Materials are available in several languages and are free of charge.

And how does an actual #FreeIC outing look like? Gather your Rotaract friends and choose a spot in your city where it will take place. Hold a Free Intelligent Conversation sign in your hands and invite passers-by to talk to you. To give it a boost, you can use #FreeIC cards with questions that will help break the ice.

This video will give you an idea of how it is best to get organised:

A Success Story

In total, our MDIOs represent more than 130 districts, 60 countries and 30.000 Rotaractors. After the positive impact of outings in France and at the RI Convention in Hamburg, #FreeIC became Rotaract Europe’s social project for the Rotary year 2019/2020.

Gabriela Leão, President of Rotaract Europe

Later on, Rotaract Mediterranean joined as a partner to promote unity in diversity in North Africa and Middle East.

I have seen before how quickly the distance between strangers closes through storytelling and genuine communication. With #FreeIC, I believe that we can achieve real connection and generate great new ideas through simple but effective means. Everyone has a story, we just need to provide the opportunity for it to be heard,says Burak Tantay, Assistant DRR of International Services from Turkey.

We are excited to go #FreeIC when possible.

Until then, stay safe and stay home.

Happy Rotaract Week!

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Photo: Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO; ERIC – Rotaract Europe

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