Fun Virtual Ride Around The Globe (My Experience With FreeIC)

We all love a good conversation with friends, family, or even strangers where we can convey our opinions, express our thoughts, and share our ideas. This makes us somehow feel alive, connected to each other.

However, some debates and small conversations can be misinterpreted, and sometimes it ends in disagreement between the parties involved.

Thus, the intelligent conversation is an incredible option for debates as it has some great House rules (another common phrase used to describe ground rules):

–      Accept the fact some people may not share your opinion or disagree with what you say, and the fact you should not take it personally.

–      There shouldn’t be any hard feelings or personal attacks, politeness, and respect are a must.

These ground rules will allow us to listen actively to other parties in a conversation as well as to accept different opinions. For better understanding of the FreeIC, this article will unfold as follows: 

●    What’s FreeIC

    FreeIC and Rotaract

●    My personal experience

What is Free Intelligent Conversation?

An intelligent conversation takes place whenever people seek to learn from each other.

Free Intelligent Conversation is a movement for those interested in learning from everyone they encounter. It is also a place for the curious, the jaded, the academic, the self-taught, the skeptic, and the believer. It is a movement for those looking to improve themselves and the world around them through meaningful conversations.

For more information please check out:

FreeIC and Rotaract

Free Intelligent Conversation has partnered with Rotaract France to bring FreeIC to Rotaract Clubs in 2018 then it becomes the social project for the 2019-2020 year of Rotaract Mediterranean and Rotaract Europe.

FreeIC provides clubs and districts with the necessary training and resources to plan a successful event. Once trained, organizing an outing is easy: go to a public space, hold up signs that read “Free Intelligent Conversation,” and talk with people about anything and everything. And most importantly: have fun!

It is our shared goal to create more connected communities that can embrace the differences therein, while also capitalizing on the commonalities that we all share. These efforts will build better, more interpersonally connected communities.

Personal experience

In the last 7 or 8 years, I’ve been lucky to experience a lot of things in my social life. One of the things I’ve always loved is debating, discussing random subjects, listening to other opinions…

Participating in FreeIC was an exciting and fruitful experience. This opportunity was as an exercise to my brain as if I went to a brain gym. It triggered a lot of rooms in my mind that made me think about a lot of things, it opened my eyes to other cultures and this is the thing that I loved about this collaboration between FreeIC and Rotaract. This random yet exciting gathering made me learn about other perspectives from different cultures, the beauty of how people around the globe are so different yet so similar. It’s fascinating and amazing, the conversation was so smooth and useful; there was no awkwardness whatsoever and the harmony of the discussion was incredible.

I enjoyed myself to the fullest especially that I am someone who likes to talk and share what I have and learn from others, so being at this event is so satisfying and joyful.

What I learned, is that no matter how different we can be and no matter where we are from we can always find a common ground to talk and celebrate our differences, this is the beauty of it. I’ve talked to many people from different countries and I found out that what bonded us was how we are not the same and it’s so exciting to discover something different from what you know.

I wish if everyone can experience what I have experienced at least once in their life because no matter how much I would describe how fantastic and wonderful it is, it won’t do it justice. So if you find this particular event or anything similar, don’t hesitate to hop on and join, believe me, you won’t regret it.

Rotaract District 2420, Bölge are organizing a Free Intelligent Conversation event where you can engage in fruitful discussions with Rotaractors all over the globe.

It will take place on December 6th 2020 at 9pm (GMT+3), 7pm CET on Zoom!



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