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The National Coordination of Rotaract Morocco (CNRM) was first founded in June 2010. Made up of more than 52 clubs and 500 rotaractors, its main mission is to connect Moroccan clubs, to make them known and work with each other as well as with rotaractors from all over the world.

The clubs meet every year during national events and trainings organized by the coordination. This year, the coordination is working to allow clubs to meet more frequently, especially those in the same area. Moreover, they are planning to make them work together on the same regional and/or national actions.

How Rotaract Morocco Works

The national committee is basically composed of 15 or 18 officers: national coordinator, vice-coordinator, national secretary, national treasurer, protocol officer, heads of commissions and regional coordinators. The president has the authority to appoint members to certain positions in order to meet his projects and goals. He, thus, can designate deputies for secretary, treasurer, protocol and others.

We currently have 5 heads of commissions (Public services, Internal commission, International Commission, Training commission, Communication and Digital commission), 7 regional coordinators, who serve as the link between clubs and the national coordination(Grand Casablanca, Center, South, North, East), and 2 heads of the two new projects of this mandate : Rotamag and Web series.
Before the national convention, organized every year by June, a coordinator is elected after meeting specific requirements for candidacy. He then has to present his national team at the same national convention. His mandate begins officially by the 1st of July of the same year.

On the other hand, Rotaract Morocco elects annually its own country representative.

2020-2021 CR is Soukaina Beniazza

National actions :

  1. End polio Now: Every year, our District organizes a walk to celebrate the « World Polio Day ». This year, our governor, Said Nejjar, has organized the same symbolic walk, this time, to allow all rotaractors and rotariens to celebrate the eradication of Poliomyelitis and also to give them the strength to fight against the Coronavirus (Sars-Cov2). « One walk, Two Viruses » was an opportunity to raise funds in order to contribute to the Foundation’s polio account. On the other hand, an E-Conference was organized to not only discuss the contribution of the Rotary in eradicating polio but also to talk about the current situation of COVID-19.
  2.  Blood donation: Will be coordinated by the national team but organized by every club, each one in its city. Its main goal is to increase the blood reserves of the regional blood centers in response to the shortage caused by COVID-19. Blood donation will also be the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of being a regular donor.
  3.  Tree plantation: This project was elaborated in view of participating in the sustainable development of a region in Morocco. But the health crisis related to COVID-19, made the team consider other possible ideas in order to adapt the project to the current situation. Therefore, every club will have to choose a space to plant its tree(s). This action may be in collaboration with Rotary Clubs of Morocco.
  4. Hackathon: During the national convention, a competition will be organized in order to reveal some innovative and different projects carried out by the clubs. By this action, the coordination will try to inspire rotaractors and urge them to work on all the 7 areas of Rotary, instead of focusing on only 2 areas. This will also be an opportunity for them to have beautiful and instructive discussions about ideas, projects and, why not, some future collaborations.

National Events :

  1. Kick-off: During this first national meeting, the national coordinator meets and presents his entire team, its programs and the main goals for the year. Kick-off is organized by September or October of every year. 
  2.  SFR (Séminaire de Formation Rotaractienne): First formal event organized by November of every year. SFR brings Moroccan rotaractors and clubs together for a training programme lasting 2 or more days. It is also an occasion to remind them why they are rotaractors and how to honor their membership.
  3.  National Convention: It is the second and last national and formal event that takes place by the end of the year. During this meeting the current team formally tenders the annual report for its mandate before presenting the next national coordinator and his team.

Projects :

  1. Rotamag: New project of the current mandate (2020-2021), Rotamag is a magazine whose mission is to promote the actions of Moroccan clubs, to inspire them through Rotaractors experiences and stories and also to bring them closer to the organization of Rotaract in Morocco and its different entities. The team is composed of editors, designers, a communication committee, and headed by the project manager. Together, they’re all working to elaborate 3 quarterly electronic editions and 1 annual paper version or “The Year Book”. This year, Rotamag team is working on 4 quarterly electronic editions: Juillet 2020, Octobre 2020, January 2021 and April 2021. The Year Book will be published by the end of the mandate (July 2021).
  1. Web series: This project’s main goal is to promote events, and actions of clubs and members by making of videos. The team will be working during national events to create content and to immortalize them. Also, they will be launching « La minute Rotaractienne » which would be a video series to promote actions of the clubs and to inspire rotaractors through stories and experiences of members.
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