Good News Monday: Week One

Good News Monday is an online bulletin of Rotaract Club Madrid Capital whose purpose is sharing good news from Madrid and elsewhere in these challenging times. We have teamed up to share positivity all over our MDIO and beyond. Here are the highlights of the week between March 23 and 30.

Top 3 of the week

  1. The water in Venice returns to its natural color

The water flowing through the canals of Venice is clear for the first time in years. The fish are visible, the swans returned.

  1. Penguins visit an aquarium in Chicago

It was just another day at the zoo for these penguins, but they were able to see other animals for a change.Shedd Aquarium tweeted a video of three of its grasshopper penguins sailing around the Chicago attraction.

  1. 5-year old boy invites his whole class to witness his adoption

A five-year-old boy in Michigan invited his entire kindergarten class to witness his legal adoption, and has warmed hearts around the world. The young man, identified as Michael, formally joined his new family in Kent County Court on Thursday.

Humans of New York

We are both really shy. We were working in the same office when we met. He would do anything to walk past her desk. And she would do the same. I would ask him for advice on certain projects. We were flirting all the time, but none of us wanted to admit it, so one night we decided to walk together after work. We ended up sitting on a bench like that, and we had a very intimate conversation about our lives. We were very honest with each other. I spoke about my weaknesses. And he of the mistakes he had made, and plans for the future. We were sitting opposite of the town hall, and we both agreed that it would be a good place to get married someday once we found someone. My arm was resting on the back of the bench the whole time. And it was very cold outside, but neither of us mentioned it, because we didn’t want the night to end. When the conversation finally ended, I walked her to her car. It was a ten minute walk. I tried to act relaxed but inside I was really nervous. The whole time I was thinking about kissing her. Should I do it? Should I not? So I finally decided to go with a hug. But it was a tight hug. Extra tight hug. That night I came home and said to my flatmate: “That’s her.”

(Paris, France)

Hero of the week

David Zuaznabar Sanchis is member of Rotaract Club Madrid Capital. He volunteered to transport medicines for the Triangle Foundation that helps LGBT+ people with HIV who are currently having difficulties receiving medicines.

What makes you happy?

To progress and be a positive influence for my environment.

What’s one of your hobbies?

Reading while having a nice cup of coffee.

A fun fact about you?

I’m a little bit obsessed, just a little bit!

If you had a microphone that could reach every single person in the world, what message would you send them?

I wish you that your dreams are bigger than your excuses. You don’t need anything, but the world needs you to go for everything. Trust yourself and you will succeed.

Know a local hero? Share their story with Rotaract Madrid Capital and they will introduce them in their good news Insta stories.

Photo credits to the rightful owners.

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