How to Make the Best Out of Isolation

The outbreak of COVID-19 confined us to our homes and forced us to limit social contacts. But as much as the current situation can cause boredom or provoke anxiety, it also offers us an opportunity to change our habits for the better. 

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We’ve checked in with Rotaractors around our MDIO – here are a few tips they shared on how to stay healthy and sane.

Learn something new

Broaden your horizons with online language-learning applications, documentaries; various university courses on websites like Coursera and Open Culture, or inspiring TED Talks.

I suggest other Rotaractors to dedicate this free time to training, studying, reading and doing what they love the most. Once this is over, we will be more productive in all areas of life.”

Flavio, Italy 🇮🇹


We know it is difficult to practice social distancing and be unable to go out and socialize. But right now it could save lives. Keep in touch by e-mail, phone and video calls. Organise apéro or theme parties online, hold your club meetings in chatrooms and follow the Facebook group World of Rotaractors that enables Rotaractors to hang out online every day and cope with the situation better.

“Isolation makes me feel really bored. I work more, read more and change my habits. Once in a while, when possible, I go out for a walk. I watch a lot of movies, Netflix, play PlayStation. I’m basically turning into an introvert. I suggest other Rotaractors to join our online video chat.”

Farouk, Egypt 🇪🇬
© Photo: World of Rotaract

Make plans

Setting goals and making plans bring us joy, fills us with energy and gives us something to look forward to. Plan the next trip you’ll be going on once the pandemic is over or outline the blog you’ve been wanting to write for years.

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“Stay home, wash your hands regularly and try to be as productive as possible. It’s about time you complete your to-do list.”

Raoua, Tunisia 🇹🇳

“I decided to live as normal as possible and accept the situation we’re in. I’m going to focus on my plans for the future and try to organise my life. I suggest everyone to do the same – stop thinking about what we’re missing out on and rather make the most out of it.”

Lea, Slovenia 🇸🇮

Set up a home gym and get some air

Did you know lifting weights can be replaced by bodyweight exercises? Look up online workout videos. It is also okay – and recommended – to go out for a walk. But what if I bump into people, you might ask. Well, don’t forget to keep at least a 1,5 m distance.

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“I walk the dog to get some fresh air. I will read more books, watch more TV shows and spend time with my girlfriend.”

Vedran, Croatia 🇭🇷

Organise your space

Your room is a mess and you don’t know what to do with your clothes. Reorganise, declutter. A clean, clear space brings a peace of mind plus you can help your community later by donating things you no longer intend to use.

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“Each day is different but I am starting to do things I didn’t do before, like chores, cooking and trying out new recipes, coloring … The most important thing to fight boredom is not to do the same thing every day.”

Maya, Tunisia 🇹🇳

Count your blessings & relax

Keep your mental health in shape by writing down five things you are grateful for every day. Breathe worries away with a 10–20-minute meditation. This joint activity can become your morning or evening ritual.

“Remember that everything happens for a reason and that there are many blessings to count. Use this precious time to do the important things you always put on hold. Believe in the future of humanity and reconnect with the Earth once more.”

Klara, Croatia 🇭🇷

“Stay positive! Be responsible and let’s not forget about all the people who are getting sick. If we stick together, we will overcome this soon!” 

Alejandra, Spain 🇪🇸

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