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In the past several years, our lives faced several changes. From COVID-19 to climate crisis, we now face a time of economic uncertainty: the future doesn’t always look that bright. However, The Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO members and participants are innovating people that care for those more affected by these adversities, and they show that, even if we’re not physically close, there are ways to help. Our team came up with new funding solution, a solution that will outlast all the difficulties that we are living with during these days. This solution is none other than its own online store: the Med Shop.

The Med Shop was launched during last year, in the mandate of Maryam Sehli and her IT team, on March 16th 2021. This initiative uses unprecedented innovative information and communication technologies to provide operative and strategic sales services. Our team undoubtedly made a huge effort to make this platform lovely and pragmatic at the same time.

An online event was held for the launching, and many Rotaractors benefited of free products. It was a big achievement for the Mediterranean community and for the Clubs and Districts of the MDIO. Our hope is that it marked the beginning of a long and happy journey.

The shop wouldn’t exist without our beloved clients and donors who are eager to show their support for the causes they love, but we must also be dearly thankful to its creators. From the Marketing team to the IT team, the Med Shop Team tried to make it easy to access it and to give it a wide reach; In fact, the Med Shop is represented by a sub-domain of the Rotaract Mediterranean website, and it is managed by its own, fully dedicated team, specialized in several related areas. This team also worked very hard to create a webpage that could not only be simple to browse, but also secure, where the data of its users could be safe from any danger.

Here’s a quick show of the website.

This e-store is a perfect opportunity for Rotaractors and non-Rotaractors alike to collect special items while helping the progress and betterment of their community. The products and all the updates are communicated through Rotaract Mediterranean social media accounts and through the official Med Shop newsletter. Ah, about that… everybody can subscribe to the newsletter: just add your email address in the dedicated area, at the bottom of the main page! Easy-peasy as it is!

Concerning the payment: after a long and extensive research on online payments and non-profit organizations’ online fundraising techniques, the Treasurer, alongside the Med Shop Team members, found out a distinguished platform that matches our priorities, offering security and simplicity at the same time! The company’s name is Helloasso and it offers a web-based crowdfunding platform that allows all associations and charitable organizations to manage their online fundraising activities in a secure way, all while accepting most of the international payment cards. Last but not least, the stores offers a worldwide delivery through reliable international shipping couriers such as DHL, FedEx and UPS.

The Med Shop is also a display platform for the Rotaract Clubs and/or Districts that are Members of Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO! You can apply in the interest of featuring your products in the Med Shop.

The procedure is not so hard to carry out and it’s also kinda short, as you first have to to fill the form and agree to the Terms and Conditions; then you have only one step left to go: an interview! A meeting will be scheduled with a Representative of the Rotaract Mediterranean Board and the Med Shop Team in order to better understand your motivations and to discover your product/s. At last, and after validation, an agreement will be established between the Rotaract Mediterranean Board and the Mediterranean Club or District. Therefore, the product/s will be added to the Med Shop website for the predetermined and agreed period of time. The payments will be all provided by the Rotaract Mediterranean tool on Helloasso, as mentioned before. As for the delivery, the Rotaract Club or District will be responsible for the delivery and a reliable international shipping courier should be used such as the one mentioned above (DHL, FedEx and UPS). The Club/District should commit to deliver the product/s within the set deadlines. If the deadlines are not respected, the Rotaract Mediterranean Board has the right to take the appropriate measures as indicated upon the Terms and Conditions.

We are happy to invite each and every Club and/or District to apply for the shop, this experience can be even more beautiful with you!

Here are some examples of our products

Finally, here is the link to access our shop!


Salma Tani

MedTimes Journalist

(Rotaract Club de la de la Faculté de Médecine et de Pharmacie de Fès, District 9010)


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