MEET OUR BOARD 2021/2022

Ladies and gentlemen, my sincerest salutations and welcome on board or rather on our first class tour of your favorite MDIO’s Executive board for the year 2021/2022. This is Alia Triki speaking, the MedTimes editor in chief and I have some information about our journey this year’s MED Board. It is going to be remembered for all the coming mandates, especially the Medtimes team. Yes, I know, I am abusing my semblance of authority here, but seriously though, this year, Rotaract Mediterranean is stronger and crazier than ever, and we have every single person that ever worked with and on the Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO to thank for this. Okay! Enough of praising the past! (I am joking, we love you guys!).

Our flight will last exactly 365 days (no not the movie) starting from July 1st 2021 and our estimated time of arrival is June 30th 2022 at 23h59. The board in our route is extremely hardworking and fun so beware, you are going to witness history this year!

JAD SALAME: President

Obviously, I am going to start the tour of our board with none other than Jad Salame, the Mediterranean Rotaract MDIO President for 2021/2022.

Jad was inducted as a Member of Rotaract Sahel Metn, Lebanon in June 2014. In the past 7 years within the Club, Jad has filled most of the Director/ Board positions, before becoming the Club president in the Rotarian year 2018-2019. As a people person, Jad was never going to settle for just being an ordinary member, instead he chose to get involved in as many international events as possible. In 2015 alone, just one year after his induction, he organized two international events: the District 2452 Conference and Lebanon’s RYLA. He also took part in the Medicon Lebanon 2016, Rotaract Global MUN 2017, before finally joining Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO in 2019. And from the very beginning of his MED journey, he served as Treasurer then Vice President then President in three consecutive years. Yes, this guy does not joke around! On a more serious note, the Rotarian year of 2020/2021 was all but calm. For us members of the Mediterranean Rotaract community, this means an enormous amount of work to do and an even higher number of challenges to overcome.  As a Current President, Jad has a vision to bring back together the Rotaract Clubs, District & members first then the Mediterranean Countries after that Covid and the different conflicts have set our Countries and People apart.

The French say: “The king is dead! Long live the king”. Well, in our case, the first king is actually a queen and fortunately for all Rotaract, she is not going anywhere Our wonderful groundbreaking French superstar Past-President Astrid Durand-Viel has had a mandate like no other; the COVID mandate, the Stay Strong Mandate, and most importantly, a mandate that led our MDIO to levels never reached before. We can say for sure that It’s going to be hard for Jad to do better. 


Astrid  started her Rotaract Journey 6 years ago in district 1700, where she served as club president of Rotaract Toulouse Purpan. Ever since, this born leader decided to go global by becoming International representative for the Rotaract District 1700. As any mediterranean Rotaractor that respects him/herself, stepping into the international aspect of Rotaract is synonymous with becoming an active part of our family. As a result, she became Country Representative of France for Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO, then stepped up as Vice president 2019/2020 and president 2020/2021 of Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO. Astrid is now back in her hometown as a member of the Rotaract club Golfe de Saint Tropez, our Past-President 2021/2022 and this year’s board member in the Rotary Synergy Europe Friendship Alliance.

Mohamed Shalaby: Vice-President

Now let me present to you our own Pharaoh, well vice Pharaoh, Mohamed Shalaby. Do not let his kind face fool you, this man is not that different from Jad. He has been a member of the Rotarian family since before I could spell my own name. He started by founding Interact Club Alexandria Marine in 2013 and held all types of leadership positions before joining Rotaract Alexandria Marine when he became of age, ending up being president for the 2018/2019 mandate. His hunger for continuous growth led him to a number of international events throughout the past 8 years; M2R Hurghada 2018 and M2R Tunisia 2019, and all rotary and rotaract District 2451 conferences; you name it. So, naturally, all roads lead to the MED! He officially joined Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO in 2019/2020 as a Sergeant at Arm and Communication Coordinator, because one board position at a time is child’s play. A progressive and complete knowledge of the MED being his main objective, he took on the International Service Coordinator position in 2020/2021 to have a closer look about the pillars, initiatives, awards and actions happening throughout the Mediterranean region. As Vice President for 2021/2022 , Shalaby has a creative and inclusive vision complementing the President’s plans for our beautiful MDIO.

AYŞE SIRMA GÜROL: General Secretary

Now, I present to you the embodiment of Turkish leadership: Ayşe Sırma Gürol. Founding President of the Rotaract Club of Tarabya, she served as International Services Coordinator of District Board 2420 and the Treasurer of Rotaract Mediterranean last year. For the 2021-2022 term, she will be serving as the Membership Development Coordinator of District Board 2420 and as General Secretary of Rotaract Mediterranean. As a successful lawyer, she is just the perfect person for the job. She will help turn Rotaract Mediterranean into a more efficient MDIO and an even more welcoming family. Her love for culture and outstanding communication skills will help build a better understanding of our motto!

MARYEM SEHLI: Treasurer  

Now, I am going to present to the leader of the shadows of Rotaract: Maryem Sehli. She is everywhere and yet no one can see her. This ninja joined Rotaract Rades from Tunisia in 2016. Her rise through the ranks was exponential as she took on Presidency of her club in the 2018/2019 mandate and the District 9010 General Secretary position for the 2019/2020 mandate. A district which is composed of three countries.  She has been either a collaborator or in charge of the communication committee in every Rotaract entity of which Tunisia is a member. And no I am not exaggerating. She led the communication committee of her club for the mandate of 2017/2018, of the National Coordination of Rotaract Tunisia for the mandates of 2017/2018 and 2018/2019, of the District 9010 for the mandate of 2018/2019, of M2R Tunisia in 2019, and she was a marketing collaborator of Rotaract Mediterranean for the mandate of 2019/2020. She is as hardworking as they come, as she was one of the creators of this beautiful blog; The Medtimes. A quality that has allowed to be part of Astrid’s board as IT coordinator, and of Jad’s board as Treasurer. As a bonus, she is one of the most fun people you can meet. And frankly, you will hear these words about every board member this year.

STEFANO PIZZOLI: International Service Coordinator

Stefano Pizzoli aka Steno joined Rotaract in 2013 Rotaract Club Rieti, Italy. In 8 Rotarian years, he has occupied all types of positions. He was sergeant at arms and chief of the international committee in District 2080, and delegate in ERIC, before finding his destiny in our very own Rotaract Mediterranean last year, when he took on the Country Representative position for Italy. Recently, he became a Rotarian with “Elevate Rotaract” but this did not keep him from being this year’s International Service Coordinator where a year full of great projects and challenges awaits him and his team of outstanding collaborators. A team that has only one goal: reunite our countries after Covid pandemic and keep making our region an even better place. 

MELIS LEYAL GÜREL: Internal Communication Coordinator

Moving to the most organized person you will ever meet, I present to you Leyal! Leyal too began her Rotarian journey as an Interactor, serving as Treasurer and Vice President in the Interact Club of Bostanlı, Turkey, District 2440. After that, she moved to the next level, when she joined Rotaract Club of Tarabya, District 2420. A club where she’s done it all; International Service Director, General Secretary, Vice-President and now President. Her never-ending passion for the international Rotaract community, led her to take part in the HOC team of Rotaract Global Model United Nations 2019, serving later on as a committee chair. Shortly after joining Astrid’s Rotaract Mediterranean team in the 2020/2021 term as Secretary Collaborator, she joined the board as its General Secretary. And now she will take on the responsibilities of the Internal Communication Coordinator. She is a true Mediterranean spirit, hence you will always be welcomed with hospitality and lots of smiles if you run into her during Rotaract events, so remember to say ‘Hello Leyal!’ even if you have never met her before!

PAULINE AMIEL: Marketing Coordinator

Next, we have Pauline Amiel, from France. This 8th wonder of the world discovered the world of Rotary and Rotaract by taking part in an oral expression competition: “One head and two hands”. An event that was organised by District 1650 in 2015 presenting her with the opportunity to exchange with the Rotarians present. She officially started her Rotaract adventure in October 2016 as Vice President and founding member of Rotaract Malouin (D.1650). After moving to the south of France, she joined the Rotaract Toulouse Saint Exupéry (D.1700), a club in which she had the chance to hold the positions of Treasurer, Vice President and President. In 2018, she discovered the Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO alongside Astrid Durand-Viel during the Medicon Rhodes. The following year she continued with Astrid and became CR France Associate and then CR France the following year. This discovery of our beautiful family, Rotaract Mediterranean, led her to want to get more involved by becoming Internal Communication Coordinator 2020/2021 in Astrid’s team. Don’t change a winning team! So it is natural that she chose to apply for the position of Marketing Coordinator 2021/2022 to continue working alongside Jad Salame. Feeling home within our Rotaract Mediterranean ranks, she has been able to meet great people and grow by working with people who have the same goals and vision. This lady will never cease to amaze and you will probably notice this year by following our Facebook and Instagram pages. Do not hesitate to talk to her about anything, you will always be welcome.


Now, moving on to our IT guy: Oussama El Warraki. When we say IT guy, most of us will imagine the stereotype of a geek with no social skills whatsoever. In Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO however, the IT coordinator is the mastermind behind everything you can see us with, videos, photos, website, you name it. This young Moroccan Rotaractor is everything the world needs. A leader, an engineer trained in video making, graphic design, web development adding to that a Mediterranean! Long story short, this young startupper is just perfection. Oussama is a founding member of Rotaract Club Of Tamouda Bay and currently its president. Ever since joining Rotaract, he took on every opportunity to organize any Local or International Rotaract event. After serving the local community with his Club and with the National Coordination of Rotaract Maroc, Oussama has decided to serve the International Community by joining Rotaract District 9010 in the Rotarian Year 2020-2021 and the Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO in the Current Rotarian year. He is the definition of a people person, so when you see him in  Rotaract events, and trust me you will, you won’t have to go and say hi! He will.

Now our tour has come to end, but our mandate has just began! So STAY TUNED!

BY Alia Triki


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