Rotaract MDIO Leaders New Year Message

In celebration of World Peace Day, we wanted to share a message of love and hope from different Rotaract MDIO leaders to help promote peace all around the world.

A Multi-District Information Organization (MDIO) is a place for Rotaract districts and clubs to find Rotaract-focused training, resources, guidance, and networking opportunities. Rotaract Mediterranean is one of many MDIOs around the world. Our main goal is to develop international relationships and foster cultural exchange between Rotaract clubs and districts from its member Districts and countries all over the Mediterranean region. Through this article, we wanted to highlight these MDIOs and the incredible people leading them all over the globe. 

We have now 26 official MDIOs around the world, congratulations to Rotaract Asia Pacific MDIO who was chartered last week, 17th September 2020.

Rotaract Mediterranean

Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO is composed of 17 Countries, 31 Districts, 963 Clubs from 3 continents. It was recognized by Rotary-International as a Multi-district Information Organisation in  2013. Rotaract Mediterranean also supports the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN which address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.

Our president Astrid DURAND-VIEL from Rotaract Club of Saint Tropez – D1760 wants to send this message to Rotaractors worldwide:

“During these difficult times impacting greatly our lives; it is more than important to stay together and act. Let’s transform this unprecedented situation into an opportunity of doing well and acting to shape a better future. We, Rotaract Mediterranean, always remain at your disposal to help you in your journey and Rotaract experience.”

Rotaract Europe

European Rotaract Information Center gathers 116 districts, 47 countries, 24.000 Rotaractors from all over Europe. It was created in 1988 in Antwerp, Belgium. Their slogan is Connect, Learn, and Impact.

Rotaract Europe MDIO’s president Mafalda Sofia Luís from Rotaract club Odivelas – D1960 chose this as her New Year’s message:

“I look forward to the new year and the outcomes that I’m sure we can achieve together. I want to continue to share the values of Rotaract in Europe and around the world. However, in times of change, we need to adapt. Nevertheless, connecting Rotaractors and sharing their

significant initiatives with the world while continuing to partner with all the MDIO’s and learn from each other is still our primary goal. It is going to be an exciting year! I believe that our creativity will prevail and that we will continue to impact the world with all of our initiatives.”

Rotaract South Asia MDIO

Rotaract South Asia MDIO was founded in 2010. It assembles 41 districts, 3400 Clubs, 102.356 Rotaractors from India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Pakistan.

According to President Yatin Sehgal from Rotaract Club Rajpura – D3090, this year’s theme is Together stronger. His New Year’s Message is:

“For whatever you do and wherever you are, be sure that you have a reason for it. Keep your priorities clear and always have a deep belief in your own worth. As a Rotaractor, give your best in whatever role you play. “

MDIO Rotaract Brasil

MDIO Rotaract Brasil, founded in 1991, represents all the 31 districts from the largest South American country. In 2016, for example, Rotaract Brasil worked on a theme that was recognized and awarded by Rotary International: “Diversity: the whole Brazil fits here”.

President Lucas de Assis Sena Santos from Rotaract Club de Ouro Preto – D4521 wants to send this New Year’s message to all Rotaractors around the world:

“We started a year of great adversity, but Rotaract’s innovation and strength have overcome these obstacles. We will continue in this way creating a world with greater opportunities for everyone.”

Danish Rotaract Information Organisation

Danish Rotaract Information Organisation (DANIO) was officially approved by Rotary International in August 2000, gathering the 5 districts in Denmark. The goal of DANIO is to spread information to the clubs and help set common goals and projects.

President Oliver Johannes Dyg á Rógvi from Rotaract club of Roskilde – D1480 New Year’s message is:

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Seek support from Rotary as you are now closer to them than ever, seek support from one another as your fellow members want the best for you. In these dark times, we need to stand together if we ever are to prosper.”

Ascension Rotaract Network

The mission as Ascension Rotaract is to provide a support network for the Rotary family in order to effectively connect Rotaract and Rotary partners within the eastern half of the USA. They believe that through pillars of mentorship, connection, and education, they can create a culture that embodies their slogan of “Together We Rise.”

President Allyson Barnes of Rotaract Club of NOLA – D6840 told us:

“In a world more connected than ever, it is imperative as leaders that we create meaningful and lasting relationships. Through innovation and collaboration, we can go beyond the superficial and facilitate opportunities to share ideas, skills, and resources in an effort to generate sustainable change.”


SEARIC (South East Asian Rotaract Information Center) gathers 35 districts from 7 countries, namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Timor Leste. For the year 2020-21, SEARIC’s slogan is #EmpowerToEmpower.

President Mukesh Pratap Singh from Rotaract Club of Nagpur Vision – D3030 chose this as his New Year’s message:

“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.” Every challenge you conquer is an opportunity to learn and to make yourself more competent and to realize your true capability and potential. This year, let us continue learning and continue opening opportunities and taking up opportunities, and let us all #EmpowerToEmpower.”

Rotaract France

Rotaract France MDIO was founded in 1988 and was officially recognized by Rotary International in 1994. It is composed of 18 districts and around 115 clubs. Its three major missions are information, communication, and service.

This is President’s Thibault GABORIT from Rotaract Club Orléans Jeanne d’Arc – D1720 message for the new year:

“I hope you will have a great year despite this sanitary crisis we’re facing and that you’ll be able to continue to serve all around you and in the world.”

Pilipinas Rotaract MDIO

Founded in 2007, Pilipinas Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization (MDIO) was formed by all the ten Rotary districts in the Philippines to serve as the national center for information dissemination and communication among Rotaract clubs in the country.

President Louie Boy De Real from Rotaract Club of San Francisco Del Monte Malaya Achievers – D3780 New Year’s message is:

“Our organizational commitment is being challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. With a lot of disruptions happening, it may seem so easy to give up. It is so easy to be complacent and be carried by what the future will bring us. However, this has never been the way to the future. We do not depend on the future. The future depends on us. As Rotaractors, as young leaders in our respective communities, we became more relevant in society.

With the isolation being experienced by everyone, Rotaract can provide avenues for our fellow youth to cope up. With the growing demands to strengthen our communities’ resilience to the impacts of the pandemic, our service truly counts. Hence, now is not the time to back down. We shall work with our Rotarians and other partners to face the uncertain future. We will rise above this scenario to continue transforming ourselves, our clubs, and our communities. Together, we will weather this pandemic.”

Rotaract Australia

Rotaract Australia was founded in 2010. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary and are so excited to start the next 10 years of their MDIO with some exciting initiatives, including a podcast, Chats with Rotaract Australia, to record member experiences, resources, and (virtual) fellowship.

President Samantha Fewster’s message for this New Year is:

“You are a part of the most incredible organization, which not only connects like-minded young people who want to make a difference but also gives you the opportunity to change your life by serving others. I hope you make incredible memories as you make a difference in your local and international communities.”

We hope these great leaders have inspired you with their wise words. It has been a tough year but with dedication and determination, we can overcome this pandemic.

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