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The Genova Nord-Nord Ovest Club has donated to the Porto Antico of Genoa, on 9th of September 2020, a third Seabin, an electrically-operated bin that can collect up until half a ton of plastic waste, including microplastics and microfibers.

“We carried out this initiative – claims Silvia Dalmati, President of the Genova Nord-Nord Ovest Rotaract Club – within the framework of the objectives proposed by the 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development. This goal has been reached thanks to the help and commitment of my Club’s members, to the support of the Rotary Clubs and all those who attended our events. Our starting intention was to donate a larger number of devices, but most of our economic resources were used to face the Covid-19 emergency.” The Rotaract’s philosophy is to meet the needs of the local community, fostering positive and lasting changes, through the commitment and the professionalism of its members.


With the introduction of the third Seabin, after the ones donated by KLM and Grohe, the waste collection potential is up to one and a half tons a year. From the acquired experience, it’s mainly plastics, microplastics and cigarettes’ butts that are collected by GE.AM. as part of the recycling efforts started a few years ago in the area. The aim is to install, in the medium term, at least four other devices in the marinas in concession to the company, with the help of other subjects particularly attentive to the issue of sustainability.

The coastal regions and the port cities are heavily exposed to the consequences of climate changes.

The ten goals of the 2030 Agenda of AIVP, the Association Internationale Villes et Ports (International Association of Port Cities), subscribed by Mauro Ferrando, President of the Porto Antico di Genova SpA (*), in February of this year, originate from this assertion by now shared, from a scientific point of view, in every corner of the world. The resulting actions, in line with what is indicated by the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda, translate into large and small interventions that contribute to the reduction of water and air pollution and the reduction of consumption of plastic materials.

(*) SpA means Società per Azioni, which is the italian counterpart of the joint stock company

“The policy adopted by Porto Antico in recent years – President Mauro Ferrando says – has produced tangible and extremely encouraging results for the continuation of our projects. The kilowatts produced by our photovoltaic system were more than 1.1 millions in the last 5 years; the electrification of the docks has reduced the management costs of the yacht moored at Molo Vecchio and it has improved the air quality, eliminating the emissions and the noises of the boat engines during their stop at the port; the ongoing completion of the replacement of traditional street lamps with LEDs, will allow us a saving of over 60% in energy consumption. And then add the activites that are helping to facilitate further our lifestyles like the use of canteens and the simplification of access to purified water in some of the public exercises of the area, as well as the charging stations for electric cars, five as today, one of which is superfast. In the next weeks, the works for the replacement of the thermal power plant of Mandraccio will start, which will certainly allow for further efficiency and reductions in emissions.”

“The installation of the Seabin – Francesco Maresca, councilor of the Municipality of Genoa for the port and logistic economic development, highlights – follows the others already carried out recently and it confirms the care that Porto Antico and the Municipality of Genoa have for the protection of the environment and, particularly, the sea. We are all committed to a circular city and to an increasingly regenerative and environmentally friendly urban system.”


Overall, approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea each year, 7% which in Mediterranean waters: the equivalent of 33,800 plastic bottles thrown into the sea every minute. Every year, in the world, 310 million tonnes of plastic are produced (compared to “just” 15 million in 1964), of which 100 million are dispersed in nature (Source WWF).

Around 6 trillion cigarettes are consumed worldwide each year, equivalent to 18 billion a day. Cigarette filters are made of a plastic called cellulose diacetate. When thrown into the environment, not only plastic is thrown away but also nicotine, heavy metals and other chemicals that damage flora and fauna (Source: National Geographic).

The Genova Nord-Nord Ovest Rotaract Club, founded on 20th November 1987, is one of the several Rotaract Clubs spread worlwide. The Rotaract is an international association of young people, sponsored and assisted by the Rotary International, whose purpose are service (direct assistance and charity) and training (reports, conferences and seminars).

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