The Med Times is Now on Spotify!

We all love listening to podcasts, whether it be to learn something new, to keep up to date, for inspiration, or even just to pass the time and stay entertained. Well, Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO has decided to become a part of your daily podcast-listening routine! Drum roll, please…

We are happy to announce the launch of MedTimes Talks – the audio version of the MedTimes electronic newspaper we’ve all grown to love. Consider us a new addition to your friend group; you can hear our interviews and listened to our specifically curated playlists whenever you need a change of mood. Over a cup of coffee, while walking your dog, or as you cook, our episodes will be there to entertain you and bring you closer to the Rotaract Mediterranean culture!

Our series will include interviews conducted by this year’s Med journalists with Country Representatives belonging to the MDIO: starting with Italy, Slovenia, and so forth. We’ll also cover the many new happenings of the Mediterranean, with Med challenges, Med updates, and even popular music played in countries belonging to the Med MDIO. We’ll have special guests every once in a while, and we’ll even have a couple of surprises for you, so keep an eye out!

The first episode of the series is now out, with the Editor-in-Chief of MedTimes for the Rotarian year 2022-2023, our very own Melis Leyal Gurel, introducing the podcast. Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes, and keep following us on for other interesting articles and topics.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are, and are looking forward to your feedback! If you have any ideas for special episodes or topics, don’t hesitate to let us know!

As always, keep the Rotaract spirit, and happy listening!

By Maya Alawar

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