The MediCon First Wave is today!

The Mediterranean Convention, or MediCon for short, is getting nearer! This year, the most important international meeting of the Mediterranean Rotaract, will be held in Morocco, throughout several cities, including Tangier and Casablanca. And today, 14th of February, at 19:00 CET, the First Wave of the MediCon reservations will start! Oh, and it’s also Valentine’s Day, but, of course, MediCon is far more important than that!

Like every other international events, MediCon also features a Pre-event and a Post-event: booking the Pre-MediCon, the MediCon itself and the Post-MediCon will grant you a full week vacation in Morocco, brimming with exciting activities!

The Pre-MediCon lasts from 10th of May to 12th of May and it includes, amongs other activies, a visit to the Caves of Hercules, located close to Tangier.

The Medicon itself lasts from 12th of May to 15th of May and it includes the Meeting between the Mediterranean Rotaract Board and the various Country Representatives, along with the Mediterranean Peace Forum; both will be held in Asilah.

The Post-Medicon lasts from 15th of May to 18th of May and it includes a visit to the Majorelle Gardens and the Yves
Saint Laurent villa, located in Marrakech.

There are three packages that will allow you to join the MediCon: the Hercules Package includes the Pre-Medicon and the MediCon and it has a price of 290€. The Lukkus Package includes instead only the MediCon and it has a price of 230€. The Majorelle Package, lastly, includes only the Post-MediCon and it has a price of 150€.

You shouldn’t be hesitant to join us in Morocco. First of all, it is a wonderful opportunity to meet Rotaractors coming from three different continents (Europe, Asia and Africa), all joined by the common link of the Mediterranean Sea. Second of all, you will be able to attend workshops and conferences, you will be able to get in touch with different cultures and exchange ideas and much more! But, lastly, if you miss the chance to make your reservation today, you’ll still be able to book your package during the Second Wave, but the prices will be higher!

Remember, you’ll be able to book your package only by accessing the MediCon official website! You’ll be able to learn much more about this magnificent meeting also by following the MediCon official accounts on Facebook and Instagram! You’ll find the links just below!

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Are you ready to follow the Sea?

Andrea Serrani

MedTimes Editor-in-Chief
(Rotaract Club Macerata, District 2090)

Renada Seif

MedTimes Journalist
(Rotaract Club Alexandria Marine, District 2451)


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