The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade

*3rd of April 2021* Egypt make it a day for history “The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade”

This parade is part of Egypt’s efforts to revive a tourism industry that has been reeling from the political turmoil following the 2011 popular uprising revolution , and more recently, the coronavirus pandemic.

It was really a big day for history !

The Event

Where 22 mummies were gracefully roam the streets of Cairo in climate-controlled cases loaded onto trucks decorated with wings and pharaonic design for the hour-long journey from the older Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in a grand, majestic and magnificent parade.

They were transported with great fanfare in

chronological order of their reigns – from the 17th Dynasty ruler, Seqenenre Taa II, to Ramses IX, who reigned in the 12th Century BC.

Most of the mummies belong to the ancient New Kingdom, which ruled Egypt between 1539 B.C. to 1075 B.C.,

They include Ramses II, one of the country’s most famous pharaohs, and Queen Hatshepsut, ones of Egypt’s few female Pharaohs – who wore a false beard to overcome tradition requiring women to play only secondary roles in the royal hierarchy.


The mummies – 18 pharaohs and four other royals – were originally buried around 3,000 years ago in secret tombs in the Valley of Kings and the nearby Deir el-Bahri site. Both areas are near the southern city of Luxor. The tombs were first excavated in the 19th century.



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