The third edition of ‘MDIOs Unite for the Environment’ is this saturday!

In the summer of 2021, forest fires struck and devastated Mediterranean and European countries; this tragedy, however harsh, encouraged Rotaract Mediterranean, Rotaract Europe and Rotaract Oceania to join forces in raising environmental awareness among Rotaractors, Rotaryans and non-Rotaryans.

This is, in short, how the “MDIOs Unite for the Environment” project was born, a project that spawned two live events on Zoom, a project that is about to have its third edition this saturday, 19th of February 2022, starting from:
07:30 GMT;
08:30 CET;
13:00 IST;
20:30 NZDT.

In the first edition, held on the 21st of August 2021, climate change was the main theme, while the second edition, held on the 27th of November 2021, had the problem of pollution as its main topic. This saturday, on the other hand, we will talk about the relationship between different cultural values and environment sustainability.

Do not think that, while we are in our Zoom videocall, we merely and aimlessly discuss the problem, with no rhyme or reason. We do, in fact, have a very precise schedule, which gives, to whoever takes part to this kind of event, a bit of useful knowledge to tackle the issue in a conscientious way:

-At first, we have a scientific approach to the topic under discussion, through the participation of specialists;

-Then, we have a highlight of actions carried out in the organizing MDIOs;

-And finally, we have a Rotary/Rotaract panel in which we talk about the possible things we can do to help (at our level) to contribute to a better world.

Also, here’s a little spoiler.

We will also talk about the situation in Tonga, the archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean. As you may already know, this January, Tonga suffered greatly from a terrifying and violent volcanic eruption, whose effect were felt even in the other side of the Pacific Ocean, like the USA and Peru.

Our hearts goes with everyone in Tonga and, as Multi-District Information Organizations, we are concerned about the current global issues and want to act before it is too late.

If you want to take part to “MDIOs Unite for the Environment”, please fill out the form below and register to the event.

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Rotaract Mediterranean
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Last, but not least, here’s the gallery of our speakers!

See you tomorrow!

Pauline Amiel

Rotaract Mediterranean Marketing Coordinator
(Rotaract Club Toulouse Saint-Exupéry, District 1700)

Andrea Serrani

MedTimes Editor-in-Chief
(Rotaract Club Macerata, District 2090)


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