These Are the Winners of Med Awards 2019/2020

Among 54 applications from 12 countries from all over our MDIO, Country Representatives have chosen the projects that were presented with the Mediterranean Outstanding Awards at the e-Medicon. Here is an overview of winners and nominees (from 1st to 3rd place).

Med Nature

Save the Bees

Rotaract Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

To raise awareness of the importance of bees for our lives, Rotaract Club Slovenj Gradec removed all fruits and vegetables depending on pollination from the shelves one of Slovenia’s biggest shopping centres. The reactions of people to this unusual situation were filmed by hidden cameras. Rotaractors explained to them why it is important to preserve bees – 72 % of all flowering plants need bees for pollination and every third bite of food depends on bees and other pollinators. – and how to do so (planting melliferous plants, buying local honey). The result (video that you can watch here) went viral.

Fill the Bottle Action

Rotaract Club FMPO, Morocco

Since the number of smokers and, consequently, cigarette ashes, is increasing, Rotaract Club FMPO set out a plan to collect cigarette butts as well as other types of trash, and challenged fellow Rotaract clubs. They picked them up from sidewalks, green surfaces and beaches so that they can shine with golden colour again.


Rotaract Club of Kesrouan, Lebanon

Not long after the Amazon rainforest fires, Lebanon struggled with its worst wildfires in decades, too. Aware of the importance of preserving our ecosystems, Rotaract Club of Kesrouan planted 150 pine trees on the edge of the Tannourin Cedar Forest Nature Reserve, in collaboration with the Municipality of Tannourin and the AFDC. The project was financed through selling “EcoBags”, meant to be used instead of plastic bags to prevent pollution and promote waste management, recycling and sustainability.

Med Culture

Beyond Borders

Rotaract Marines, Egypt

Beyond borders is an international project of Rotaract and Interact Marine and AIESEC. By presenting culture diversity and focusing on peace promotion, each participating Rotaract club was asked to create a team to present the country with AIESEC Exchange participants from their countries, and did a creative presentation about the country including all the unique traits, such as costumes, food, dances, beliefs and practices, They also invited a group of entrepreneurs, speakers and panelists to discuss the importance of thinking outside the box and self-drawn borders, and how to benefit from globalization and world connection.


Here it is a flashback about ourBEYOND BORDERS,In a couple of hours of the day we had a diversity of cultures, laughs & dances🌍😍#TheWorldRoad

Posted by Global Village D2451 on Friday, January 31, 2020

Rotaract CookBook

Rotaract Paris Ouest, France

Starting from the strong observation that binds the members of Rotaract Paris Ouest – the love of cooking –, they have set themselves the goal of collecting book traditional recipes from their international Rotaract counterparts in order to support the children of the AIME Association. This project was made possible in part by Rotaract Grenoble Dauphiné, which encouraged Rotaractors around the world to share recipes and challenge themselves with culinary skills. The cookbook is available here.

Rotaract International Challenge Cup

Rotaract Club of Sahel Metn, Lebanon

The Rotaract International Challenge Cup consists of a list of 20 challenges, with assigned points for each challenge, and the club that does the most challenges and collects the highest number of points wins the Challenge Cup. More than 20 Rotaract clubs signed up from all across the world, from countries like Australia, Germany, Tunisia, Morocco, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, Cyprus etc. The challenges covered multiple cultural aspects, such as presentation of five cultural monuments in a country in picture, and a video of a monument explaining its history. It also covered the traditional dish and drink, and what a traditional wedding looks like. They also asked clubs to show their folk dances and say “Welcome to my country and club” in their native language.

Med Love

Water for Life

Rotaract Club of Sisli, Turkey

Water for Life aims to provide a clean water source to Kafenkeng village in Gambia allowing the town and communities to have easier access to a sustainable resource. More than 500 people will benefit from it, and its effct will last more than two decades. Rotaract Club of Sisli also aims to raise awareness of the lack of water around Africa and Gambia.


Rotaract Club Tunis Ennasr, Tunisia

GénHairEux 2.0 is about leading 9 Rotaract clubs to organize hair-cutting days in order to collect cut off plaits and provide customized wigs for the kids and young girls suffering from chemotherapy-induced hair loss.One of the important goals was also to fight negative stereotypes in Arab countries by encouraging women to donate hair and help young girls walk through life feeling normal.

Concert caritatif

Rotaract Club of Hippocrate, Morocco

In order to give infant orphans with special needs at the Baouafi center a better life, Rotaract Club of Hippocrate organised a charity concert to raise funds for a milk-kitchen strictly dedicated to nursery. With the funds raised, they could get the constructing, painting, plumbing and electric jobs done, as well as install a fully equipped with specialized sterilization material and 20 AVENT bottle warmers.

Peace Prize

Adopt an Isolated Child

Rotaract Club of Tirana, Albania

Adopt an isolated Child is addressed to one of the biggest problems of the Albanian society, especially in the north of the country, bloodshed for revenge. The project aimed to help isolated families living in fear of revenge due to previous conflict in the city of Shkodra, who are also facing poverty, unemployment, lack of education, etc. Rotaract Club Tirana helped about 25. After raising awareness of the problem among citizens of Tirana, they collected food, clothes, books, etc. and donated them to the isolated families.

Next Generation Ride Challenge

Rotaract Clubs of Angoulême, Paris Ouest and Toulouse Terre d’Avenir

A dozen French and German Rotaractors and Rotarians cycled for 7 days (850 km) from France to Hamburg, Germany, across 5 countries, to raise funds for the educational program of the NGO World Bicycle Relief. Strong and adapted bicycles are financed and distributed to schoolchildren from a local community in Zambia, mainly girls, to enable them to go to school. The success of the project is based on the joint mobilization of many Rotaract and Rotary clubs and their twin clubs (on-site hospitality, donations, communication), intercountry committees, and the deep belief of men and women that education is peacebuilding by another name.

Twinning Award

Together, We Aspire

Rotaract Club of Beyrouth, Lebanon; Rotaract Club of Alexandria Rakouda, Egypt

The two clubs did two projects together before signing a twinning agreement. Firstly, they carried out, in the same week, a fundraising event where people competed in fast eating. The fastest three competitors received awards.  The second projects included 5 clubs from 5 different countries (Rotaract Club of Ipekyolu, Turkey; Rotaract Club of Pune Salisbury Park, India; Rotaract Club of Nicosia Ledra, Cyprus; Rotaract Club of Alexandria Rakouda, Egypt; Rotaract Club of Beyrouth, Lebanon.

New Year’s Gift Project

Rotaract Club of Istanbul Beyoğlu, Turkey; Rotaract Clubs of Aley – West, Lebanon

The inspiration of the project was to organize an event with more than a hundred Rotaractors with a focus on underprivileged kids who are living in poor conditions. They gave gifts to 252 kids to celebrate the New Year and shared an amazing day together. The projects, started by the abovementioned twinned clubs was joined by six other Rotaract clubs from five different countries and districts (Niš – Center and Niš Constantine the Great, D2843, Serbia; Cismigiu, D2241, Romania, El Maadi, D2451).

<strong>By</strong> <strong>Nina Gostiša</strong>
By Nina Gostiša

June, 26, 2020

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