Together We Stand Tall

It was on October 30 when a powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake rattled the coasts of Turkey and Greece. The powerful earthquake was felt as far away as Athens and Istanbul. Izmir, Turkey’s third-largest city after Istanbul and Ankara was the most affected city.

The current death toll is more than 116 persons and hundreds are injured, in need of medical care. Over 50 high rise apartment buildings have collapsed while 243 buildings are extremely damaged and will be evacuated. It was followed by around hundreds of aftershocks, some of them were over 4.0 magnitude. Constant aftershocks and the presence of COVID-19 complicate even further current relief efforts. To ensure the safety of everyone, face coverings and sanitizers are distributed to all in need. Furthermore, due to the traumatic nature of this disaster, emotional and mental health support is being provided to all who request it.

District 2440 has been delivering life-saving aid in the affected areas. They have set a rotary tent city that consists of 100 fully equipped tents.

Undoubtedly, the situation is still quite critical in Turkey. Thus, District 2440 is launching a crowd funding campaign to raise  money for the following items: more tents (each tent costs 1000$ and can shelter 4 people) for citizens whose buildings were evacuated or collapsed, a mobile laundry facility with washing machines and dryers as well as portable toilets and showers. Children also need tablets and internet in order to continue their education online. As the weather gets colder, these people also need warm clothes for the upcoming chilly days.

Since COVID-19 is affecting all international transactions, cash donations are preferred to in kind donations. As of now, Turkey needs all the help it can get. All contact information will be listed down below:

US$ bank account:

Account name: Rotary 2440 bolge federasyou

Bank name: Yapi Kredi Bankasi A.S- Izmir branch

IBAN: 0006 7010 0000 0067 4252 70


Euro account:

Account name: Rotary 2440 bolge federasyou

Bank name: Yapi Kredi Bankasi A.S- Izmir branch

IBAN: 0006 7010 0000 0058 4053 88


Contact person: PDG Yesim Yoney


All help is incredibly appreciated. Every contribution will make a difference in relieving the pain and discomfort of those in need. Rotaract Mediterranean is saddened by this horrible disaster and hopes that the situation only gets better.

Stay strong Turkey!



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