What you should know about COVID-19 Vaccine

In December 2019, Nature decided our lives would change drastically overnight. That was when the first ever recorded case of COVID-19 was announced in Wuhan, China, paving the way to the other +159 million documented cases. It took the small coronavirus only three months to shut the world down. Flights were cancelled, festivals and conferences were postponed to unknown dates, schools and universities closed their doors, homes turned into offices and classrooms. Nothing felt normal anymore. We were bound to breathe through masks, asked to continuously desensitize our hands and keep our distances. Human contact took another definition. But that was all for a good cause. These measures helped us stay safe and keep our loved ones safe.

In the meantime, it took scientists only one year to come up with highly-efficient vaccines. These shots trick our bodies into having a disease or its pathogen (agent causing the disease), making them produce antibodies against the latter, in order to protect us from death, severe symptoms or even infection by this agent. But the whole magic of vaccination is that it usually leaves a memory of infection stocked in our immune system so that, if ever our bodies’ soldiers meet the bacteria or virus again, they recognize them faster, they mobilize armies faster and these will eradicate it faster.

And COVID vaccines are no exception. In fact, they make our bodies produce a protein that is found on the coronavirus and that is harmless on its own. Our immune systems will then recognize it as a foreign molecule and develop an immune response against it, by producing antibodies that neutralize it. This way, if a vaccinated person were to ever get infected, its body will recognize the virus (since it holds the protein) faster than a non-vaccinated person and get rid of it quicker, protecting them from the disease.

Although this is a very appealing idea, a lot of people are still reticent to get their shot(s) and are torn between scientific evidence, fear and conspiracy theories. But what they don’t know is, such medical prevention methods would not be authorized if they weren’t safe and efficient. And so far, the pros to cons ratio is in favour of the pros to all commercialized vaccines.

This is why in Rotaract Mediterranean, we encourage all our members to get the vaccine and we expect them to encourage their families and friends to do the same and also to promote and be on ground to help your community to be vaccinated as soon as possible like Rotaract Tunisia they launch national project “وقيّت نحيوالماسك، قيّد و احمي روحك” “Protect yourself from the catcher, tied up and protect your soul” to help medical stuff on ground in the different centers of vaccination and solidarity and cooperation are on the rise in this state of emergency.

” Having a special will to face Corona virus and answering the call of our country, Rotaract of Tunisia as usual has taken an action against such pandemic.

Nothing better than being present during the vaccination wave. Such an outstanding and historical campaign witnessed by our country.

A remarkable workforce was engaged to manage the organisation and the logistics of vaccination centers. Going from Tunis to Gaserine, Sousse, Hammamet, Nabeul, Sfax and other regions, our heroes ” soldiers” didn’t stop being there which from beginning of Ramadan till now and we don’t intend to stop.

It has been more than a month that we are there in body and soul.

They are feelings of pride when serving the country, as well as determination so that to guarantee more vaccinated people. And above all, feelings of love and passion to see a better future, a bright one, Tunisia safe and sound.” Said Oussema Ghabry Tunisia National coordinator

Mark your agenda on 21th of May an online conference with the theme : “ Fantastic vaccines and where to inject them!” at 7 :30 pm by Rotaract Paris Denfert(D1660-France) and Rotaract Club Roma Castelli Romani (D2080-Italia).

Because, as of now, the vaccine is our only hope to get back to our normal lives someday, it is our only hope to go back to in-person meetings, it is our only hope to meet again in MediCon, M2R and other Rotaract gatherings.

So what are you waiting for? Get the vaccine! And in the meantime, remember to wear your mask, wash your hands and keep your distance!

BY Ahmed Tahé ALLALA


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